EXTEDO Products in the Cloud

Moving your business to the cloud has many benefits and enables your operations to be more reliable, secure, flexible and scalable. Many of EXTEDO’s solutions are available in the cloud and offer your organization a multitude of advantages.

A complete solution, accessible from any computer

The EXTEDO cloud provides a complete IT infrastructure within which your solutions are hosted and run, certified based to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001. Access your solutions via a secure SSL connection instantly using a standard web browser - no infrastructure or IT costs required, and obtain the training and services you need to get the most out of your products.

Designed to streamline your pharmacovigilance processes, SafetyEasyPV enables you to classify, create, review, submit and maintain pharmacovigilance data and adverse event reports in the cloud within a single, easy-to-use application.

  • Ensures R2 & R3 compliance
  • Monitor safety activities
  • Track submission deadlines
  • E2B gateway solution



MPD manager simplifies the process of maintaining IDMP submissions, delivering a single source of truth for all IDMP data. It enables you to efficiently fulfill regulatory requirements surrounding the management of product data.

  • Easy to use, no technical IDMP knowledge required
  • Enables direct data submissions to authorities
  • Increases transparency and productivity
  • Reuse data from source systems
  • Provides guided dictionary maintenance


A software solution which enables you to readily build, view, validate and publish submissions based on multiple formats around the world. It provides a framework for streamlined monitoring, managing and submission of electronic complaints.

  • Ensure effortless compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Validate and publish submissions from a single application
  • Improve submission quality and consistency
  • Supports submissions in structures and formats for all regions of the world.


eSUBmanager is a completely web-based solution for viewing and reviewing electronic submissions. Read and mark-up any documents within a submission directly, and again a unified view of all folders, documents, and metadata from submissions and applications.

  • Access all submission content within a single application
  • Real-time insights during submission preparation
  • Reduce complexity of viewing and reviewing submissions
  • Improve the collaborative review process



Why move to the cloud?

Moving your applications to the cloud provides opportunities and advantages simply not available anywhere else. EXTEDO makes the move easier by providing a complete IT infrastructure for you to use without having to maintain, install or hire additional resources yourself. EXTEDO takes care of all your technical, businessand regulatory needs.


  • Security
  • High availability & reliability
  • Device and location independence
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability & elasticity
  • Cost control
  • Saving of resources (no IT infrastructure required)
  • Simplified IT processes (no IT know-how necessary)
  • Higher productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

Still not convinced?

Download our whitepaper to find out more:

Cloud Computing in the Life Sciences Industry

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